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i might make a new tumblr. don’t worry i’ll show u where it is if i make it. i just. have done a lot of silly things on this account that i regret and i dont want people judgin me for what i did in the  past. and i also just want active followers, because out of the 319 i have there’s only like 10 that are active and yea„„ and i’ll still have this account open forever so i can keep my old art safe for the memories and such.


Hanji Zoe’s naming ceremony
"Once upon a time, there was a tribe that ate humans.
I’m not talking about you titans, I’m talking about a human tribe.
They lived in a cave, deep in the mountains, and attacked travelers on the road, stealing their valuables and eating their flesh.
For twenty-five years they kept this up.
They say that there were more than five hundred victims in all.
That’s probably even more than the number of humans you’ve eaten.
And they tried preparing them in a number of ways.
They made steaks out of butts.
Cut thighs into chunks for stew.
They would chop up, knead, and bake the tougher flesh as mincemeat.
They made sausage of the blood and organs.
Yes, they’re capable of cooking.
That’s one difference from you.
But that tribe of cannibals was captured after a single mistake, then executed.
Just like you two.
You made the mistake of attacking humanity, and you were captured.
And so, I’d like to give you the names of the male heads of that tribe.
You’re Sonny
You’re Bean.
But don’t worry, I won’t have you executed.
Nice to meet you Sonny, and you Bean,
Let’s all be friends.”

Shingeki no Kyojin
>Episode 15

i really wish i could stand up against those who are wrong but im not good at putting my words together so i just sit in the background silently rooting for all of them


trackpad + mspaint + im tired


trackpad + mspaint + im tired


yeah idk it happened